A Wellbeing Video Series For Children

This new series of short videos helps children to identify and develop tools for positive wellbeing.

Written by Maura Pierlot and produced by Big Ideas Press, the series is available at no cost for private and school use.

View the series HERE.

Wellbeing Toolbox

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Part 1: Getting Started

Presents the concept of a ‘wellbeing toolbox’ that includes components for maintaining a positive and healthy mindset in our journey through life. The components of the toolbox are explored in more detail in Parts 2-4 of the series.

Part 2: Resilience

Explores a range of practical skills that promote a strong and positive mental outlook. Offers an ideal starting point for important conversations with children about developing and maintaining positive wellbeing.

Part 3: Positive Thinking

Explores the concept of positive thinking, demonstrating how replacing a negative soundrack in our heads with a positive one can help to promote a healthy mindset.

Part 4: The 3Cs – Communication, Connectedness and Creativity

Explores skills needed for good communication, the importance of deep connections and how participating in creative activities can improve wellbeing.